Error 629 - The port was disconnected by the remote machine.
  1. Check to see if customer has call waiting - if they have disable it by typing #43# on the Telephone.
  2. Check to see if customer is using a Extension cable - 2m to 3m Recommended - any longer the signal degrades.
  3. Check to see if customer has Fax, Sky or anything else connected to the line - if they have then try removing these and try re-connecting.
  4. Remove TCP/IP in Networks - Re-install TCP/IP and try connecting again - make sure customer has O/S CD.
  5. Get customer to ask phone provider to increase line gain - this increases the line quality.
  6. Also check to see if customer is using Redcare - as this sends a bleep now and then which could cut customer off.
  7. Go to Modems in Control Panel (Start > Settings > Control Panel)
  8. From Modems select Properties, select the Connection Tab, click the Advanced button
  9. In the Extra settings dialogue box, enter S10=50